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Welcome to JUSTGeorgia

JUSTGeorgia is a statewide coalition of community organizations and individuals committed to bettering the lives of Georgia’s children. Founded in 2006, the purpose of JUSTGeorgia is to support long-term a long-term coalition that will advocate policies to ensure the justice, safety and social welfare of Georgia's young people. 


This year, JUSTGeorgia is pursuing new and exciting initiatives to help shape its future agenda and legislative strategies by hosting a series of community conversations around the state. These gatherings brought together local leaders to discuss some of the most pressing issues impacting justice and the social welfare of Georgia's kids, and they had three important goals: First, to build and renew relationships with community-based organizations. Second, to broaden the base of the coalition with new energy and fresh perspectives on critical issues, and lastly, to collect more information about the challenges these organizations encounter and the social landscape of the communities. 


The culmination of these conversations took place the JUSTGeorgia Institute on June 8, 2016 (click here to learn more about it). The JUSTGeorgia coalition will use this valuable collective wisdom to design a new long-term agenda, recruit new leadership into the coalition, and explore what kind of collective impact initiative might be right for Georgia to take this important work forward. 


The Coalition's lead partner organizations are Georgia Appleseed, The Barton Child Law and Policy Clinic of the Emory University School of Law, Interfaith Children's Movement, and Voices for Georgia's Children

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